What is lightning slot machine?

Lightning slot machine is a gambling game that uses the bitcoin lightning network. The game is based on a typical Vegas slot machine.

How to play?

Simply buy some spins, enter your multiplier and spin the wheels!

How much can I win?

You can win 200 times the bet you place! You can see the possible combinations and prize on the “Win chart” to the left of the slot machine.

How do I pay with Bitcoin lightning?

To pay you need Bitcoin and a wallet that support the lightning network. You can set up lightning to run on your home computer, phone or you can set up a dedicated server (for example a raspberry pi) to run 24/7.

To setup a dedicated raspberry pi you can follow this tutorial:


If you want to run lightning on your desktop or phone, you can look at these wallets: Zap Desktop, Eclair, Lightning Wallet, Spark Wallet

What is the minimum and maximum wagers?

The maximum wager is 25 spins, meaning 0.25 dollar per spin. This might be increased in the future.

What is the current value of one spin?

One spin cost 0.01 dollars.

The value of 1 BTC is 10543.0390 usd
The value of 1 usd is 9484.9313 satoshi
The value of 1 spin is 94.8493 satoshi

The rates are updated every 15 minutes

How do I create a payment channel with your lightning node?

We recommend that you connect to our node(s) for transactions to go as smooth as possible.

Steps to create a payment channel with (Node: lightningslotmachine.com):

lncli connect 039f01ad62e5208940faff11d0bbc997582eafad7642aaf53de6a5f6551ab73400@
lncli openchannel 039f01ad62e5208940faff11d0bbc997582eafad7642aaf53de6a5f6551ab73400 --local_amt 500000

Steps to create a payment channel with (Node: lightningslotmachine.com n2):

lncli connect 027a0eaffb8e103f9059d2d40b7c2d8993affc169168ca1808f752ee36ccf196ee@
lncli openchannel 027a0eaffb8e103f9059d2d40b7c2d8993affc169168ca1808f752ee36ccf196ee --local_amt 500000

How do I withdraw my winnings?

On the bottom of the page you find a “claim winnings” button.

Withdrawing your earnings from lightning slot machine is free and instantaneous by leveraging the power of the Lightning Network! Simply enter a Lightning Payment Request for the amount you want to withdraw and you're all set!

Note: You need a wallet that supports creating invoices to be able to withdraw, such as Zap Desktop, Eclair, Lightning Wallet, Spark Wallet or any other wallet that supports creating Lighting Payment Requests.

How do you protect my privacy?

We believe in user privacy. This site does not store user data. We do not store your IP address, what browser you use or any other identifying information. We don’t use third party tracking software or serve ads that track clicks.

We only store a randomly generated unique id for each user, stored locally on your browser as a cookie. This is only used to check how much credits each user has. If you delete this cookie, your credits will be set to 0!

How is the Bitcoin price calculated?

We use a service called bitcoin average to update our BTCUSD price every 15 min.

Bitcoin average get the latest bitcoin price from 47 major bitcoin exchanges. Based on this they calculate the weighted average bitcoin price. This ensure that we always have the correct fair marked price.

I get an "unable to find a path to destination" error, how do I fix it?

The problem is that the node can not find a path to our lightning node. You can fix this by connecting directly to our node. Please read the answer to “How do I create a payment channel with your lightning node?” and follow the steps

How can I get in touch with you?

You can contact me at lightningslotmachine [AT] protonmail [DOT] com.

Please include your session id: d6ea4191-b50a-49e1-87a2-c7139152ea1d

What are my odds?

Lightning slot machine has a house edge that is between 3-5%.